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According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, all people have the right to a stable education, as well as to community duties essential to free and full development.


KIND’s work has always been to ensure that all children and their families, especially those who are most at-risk or in-need, can enjoy these rights to the fullest.


All aspects of our work are designed to help remove barriers to education for those in need, as well as to provide holistic opportunities for academic, cognitive, physical, emotional, social and moral development. We also aim to foster greater community  involvement and engagement.


The scope of KIND’s work can be divided into three main areas of operation: Programs, Social Services and Campaigns. Through these arms of service, we are able to offer assistance in the areas of material support, education, volunteerism and community development, among others. 



KIND is dedicated to eliminating barriers to education and development by helping to provide children and families with material needs. Our efforts include the provision of monthly hampers to families in need, assisting with school attendance through our Sponsor A Child To Learn Campaign, and the distribution of clothing and other items where possible.

Check out our Social Services section for more details.


In order to achieve these things, we depend greatly on your generosity. Though we do hold fundraising events and apply for grants, the vast majority of the assistance we provide is made possible by your donations.


Click the Donate button to find out how you can support the important work here at KIND!



At KIND, we believe that a sound education is one that includes academic, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.


  • The Kind Mind Initiative seeks to help children and families in need by involving them in programs conducive to a holistic education.

    • Programs under the Kind Mind Initiative are developed and implemented according to what we see as three essential pillars of holistic education: academic literacy, physical development, and social education. 

    • Programs under the Kind Mind Initiative will offer participants a broad spectrum of engagement both within and outside of the classroom.

    • Specific programs include: remedial education classes, the Martial Arts program, artistic engagement, adult and computer literacy programs, and much more.

    • Click here for more information on the Kind Mind Initiative.                                                                                                                                       

  • We recognise that in order to improve the situations of many people, the acquisition of particular skills and training is paramount.

    • In 2018, we expanded our educational offerings by introducing computer literacy classes, facilitating a resource-linking cybercafe, and developing a youth leadership program to prepare young people for future success.

      • Check out our Programs section for information about these exciting new initiatives in the near future! 



An old proverb  says: “It takes a village to raise a child”; we take this lesson a step further by positing that “It takes a community to build a community”.


  • KIND is dedicated to community building by fostering and facilitating partnerships with community organisations, artistic collectives, and other institutions, as well as through encouraging volunteerism.

  • Our Volunteers and Community Partners greatly enrich the work that KIND does. Through involvement with these parties, we are able to serve a much wider community of people in more diverse and comprehensive ways.

    • It is through these links that we continue to grow and evolve as an organisation, and that our work itself impacts more people in a more profound way.

    • It is also through these relations that we can help individuals and organisations to grow their own capacities to create meaningful change. 

Find out more about getting involved by checking out the "Our Partners" and "Our Volunteers" sections of this website!


You can also feel free to Contact Us with any ideas, proposals, questions or feedback. We look forward to your future involvement with KIND!

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