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Click here to help a child in need.


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Ways to Donate

We understand the numerous constraints our donors face, which is why we have provided a number of different ways for you donate to KIND and our programs. 


Directly to our Office

You can donate money, clothing, books & other essential items to support our mission directly to our office.

Address: #9 Eastern Main Road, Laventille, Trinidad.


Direct Deposit

Donate to 

"Kids in Need of Direction" 


First Citizens Bank 

Account # 993946


Republic Bank

TT Account # 150812398301

US Account #150812409201

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Donation Boxes


We have a number of donation boxes set up at convenient locations all across the nation to allow you to give with ease.

Remember, your spare change can make a BIG change in the lives of those in need.


Click here for a list of KIND Donation Box Locations Nationwide.

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