Sponsor a Child to Learn Program

Did you know that giving a small sum each month can help to completely transform the lives of children in need?

For many children, the opportunities available at school are not enough to help them to excel and reach their full potentials. Here at KIND, our aim is to provide as many opportunities to as many children as possible through our Programs.

The cost facilitating each child in our programs is roughly $800 per child per month.

  • Through the Sponsor A Child To Learn (SACTL) program, your monthly donations will help us to provide children with unrestricted access to our programs.

Donations of at least $100 per month for individuals/ families, or at least $800 per month for corporations, will go a long way towards assisting KIND to provide:

Social Education & Exploratory Sessions

Literacy & Creative Writing Classes

Martial Arts & Other Avenues for Fostering Discipline & Positive Behavioural Change

Classroom Materials & Other Necessary Items

Over the past decade and a half, your generous donations have helped to give thousands of children increased opportunities to a more holistic education.


As our subscriptions increase, so will more children be able to access a higher quality of programs at KIND.

Your continued support is crucial to the success and longevity of this campaign. That is why we’ll do anything we can to help you with the donation process.​


We understand the numerous constraints our donors face which is why we have provided a number of different ways for you to Sponsor A Child To Learn.

Download and fill out our quick and easy Sponsor A Child To Learn Pledge Form and email it back to us to get the process started.