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'Empowering Children, Transforming Lives'

Kids in Need of Direction (KIND) is a 20+ year old non-profit organisation, located in Trinidad and Tobago. We are dedicated to the empowerment of children and their families, by providing them with opportunities for growth and development towards a brighter future.

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An Act of Random Kindness

Join the ARK Movement and do your kind deed for a stranger, anywhere and anytime.

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Plant What You Eat

"In every gardener is a child who likes to play in the dirt and in every child is a gardener ready to plant a garden....."

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Sponsor A Child

Did you know that giving a small donation each month can help to completely transform the lives of children in need?

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KIND “Catch-Up” Summer Camp 

The “Catch Up” Summer Camp delivers some of the curriculum in literacy, numeracy, reading and spelling under the guidance of an experienced Camp Supervisor, and provides much-needed individual attention to students. 

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KIND’s Back to School Drive 

KIND engaged in Back to School partnerships with corporate T & T to deliver back-to-school essentials - uniforms, shoes, schoolbag, textbooks, and stationery for approximately 150 students.

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Mental Health Training and Self Care Advocacy Programme

KIND's Mental Health Training and Self Help Advocacy Programme is designed to help participants better understand the intricacies of mental health and how each person handles someone with mental health issues.


World Kindness Day (WKD)

 It is a day that not only champions good deeds - no matter how big or small - but also inspires others to spread love and joy through Acts of Random Kindness (ARK).


End Period Poverty

Many young girls have missed school during their periods, due to the inability to afford sanitary napkins, an issue known as period poverty. Through this campaign, KIND has distributed over 300,000 Always sanitary napkins and will continue this initiative in 2023.   


Volunteering with KIND has been a great experience.
I have volunteered in a number of areas such as: clothing distribution to needy families, working with kids and helping with cleanup. 
KIND truly helps a lot of people, both children and parents. There is still much to be done, however, more people need to get involved; to donate; to volunteer, and to spread the word about what KIND is doing.



KIND has helped me in many ways over the past five (5) years. With their support, I am happy to say that I have been better equipped to send my children to  school. I have also seen an overall improvement in my personal development, in my children's behaviour and in their grades at school.


I've been a KIND client for three (3) years now and they have assisted me with many things, including hampers, school transportation for my kids, and helping me through some really challenging personal times with counselling. I have seen a positive change in myself and have made tremendous strides in reclaiming my independence. Thank you KIND for all you have done for me.



I chose to be a volunteer at KIND because I can make a difference for the less fortunate and give kids and families hope.
There is too much selfishness in society, and I want to do my part to make humanity a more positive one..



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KIND Mind Initiative

The KIND Mind Initiative (KMI) is geared towards helping our students and their families develop core competencies in wellness with special focus on meditation, deep breathing and relaxation techniques  literacy, numeracy, social education. 

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COVID-19 Emergency Relief Initiative (CERI)

KIND provides food, food vouchers, clothing etc. to low-income families who are finding it difficult to provide for their families during the pandemic.

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Meals on Wheels Initiative (MOWI)

KIND partners with other NGO’s and Community Groups to prepare meals for the destitute and less fortunate. 




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