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Plant What You Eat


The Initiative 

Our Plant What You Eat initiative is geared towards training families and their children in the process of ‘Planting a Vegetable Garden’ in order to give them an opportunity to provide food for themselves. Additionally, it is hoped that the skills learnt and shared will translate into a source of sustainable income for themselves.   Through this initiative, KIND strives to encourage beneficiaries to think seriously about food sustainability while growing their own food; enhancing family relationships and gaining the mental and physical benefit of being in nature.  

Upcoming Events

For 2022 KIND engaged five (5) schools and our PWYE inititative is now used as part of their School Based Assessment (SBA) for CSEC.  Items provided are:  15 different types of seeds, seedlings, cuttings, germination trays, pro-mix, soil and tools where needed.  Training in soil preparation using natural methods, sprouting, planting short term and long-term crops, reusing items for planting are all shared in a power point presentation and in a Q & A session after students have viewed our video content that is provided during the session. 


This welcomed support has allowed schools to encourage students to take up Agricultural Science as part of their continuing studies and we welcome partners. 

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