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Mental Health Training & Self Care Advocacy 

Undeniably there is a global mental health crisis, which has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, and where statistics show young people and women are the worst affected. Sadly it is also noted that persons with mental health disorders often face stigma, discrimination, abuse, neglect and inadequate access to treatment, care and support services.  


It is within this context that KIND’s Mental Health Training Programme and ‘Me Time’ Workshop was developed.  It is a programme designed to help participants better understand the intricacies of mental health and how each person handles someone with mental health issues, while the ‘Me Time’ module centers around neuroscience, critical thinking, mindfulness and the action of self-care, including the understanding of meditation, self-reflection, yoga, deep breathing and relaxation techniques used for reducing emotional triggers, stresses and worrying thoughts that bring about mental disruption, thus giving participants simple and practical techniques to identify challenges and cope with them - whether it is within their vocation or their personal lives.  


Training for the 'Me Time' module will be facilitated by the Art of Living Trinidad & Tobago and Growth Opportunities, while the First Aid Certification training will be facilitated by Healthy Kinder International LLC.  Persons completing the 8-hour First Aid Certification training will be awarded 3-year US Certification as a Mental Health First Aider.


In 2023, KIND will be hosting eight workshops in April, July and November.

In March 2023, KIND and its Youth Mental Health Ambassador, Ache Abrahams, the reigning Miss World Trinidad & Tobago, visited approximately ten (10) primary and secondary schools throughout Trinidad, spreading the message of the importance of good mental health and sharing with students simple strategies for coping with mental health issues.  KIND is scheduled to continue these school visits in the 2023/24 term.

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