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Emergency Food Relief

KIND’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief (EFR) Initiative commenced in April 2020, when scores of clients approached KIND for food support.  Given that the large majority of KIND’s clientele are employed in sectors most affected by COVID-19, such as bars, restaurants, fast-food outlets, casinos and beauty salons, this translated to thousands either losing their jobs permanently or facing reduced income. KIND evolved exponentially into a full distribution unit providing food,    clothing, stationery items, devices and second-hand toys to more than communities throughout Trinidad and Tobago.


Hamper Distribution

KIND’s food hampers typically consist of at least twenty-two items including rice, flour, sugar, oil, peas, milk, oats, canned meats such as corned beef, sausages, tuna as well as personal care items, toiletries, household cleaners, snacks etc. As at December 31, 2021, KIND has distributed 9,236 food hampers and packages to 42,961 beneficiaries. Recipients are not restricted to our fence line community of Morvant/Laventille and East Port of Spain but extend to communities throughout Trinidad from Chaguaramas to Sangre Grande and as far south and remote as Rio Claro, Moruga, Cedros and La Brea.

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