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The aim of the ARK Initiative was to develop a widespread culture of sharing and giving, and to change
our national conversation regarding charity, compassion and common benevolence. The aims of the
initiative were to get all persons:
1. To engage in Acts of Random Kindness for a complete stranger
2. To share these experiences, and any acts of random kindness on social media via Facebook and
Instagram using our hashtag #ActsofRandomKindness

World Kindness Day

Globally, World Kindness Day is observed on November 13 each year and it is KIND’s goal for the
organisation to become synonymous with World Kindness Day and vice versa. For KIND, it is a period to encourage others to be kind, not only to relatives and friends, but more so, to do an act of
random kindness for a total stranger, to be kind to themselves, friends, family, neighbours, pets and
the environment.

 End Period Poverty

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Since 2019, KIND has been the NGO selected by Proctor & Gamble/AMCO via their Advertising Agency Lonsdale, Saatchi & Saatchi to be the distribution partner for their End Period Poverty
campaign. Through this campaign, KIND has distributed over 200,000 Always sanitary napkins to date and will continue as a partner in 2022.

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Review the back of the ARK Card for ideas on how to be KIND.




Do an Act of Random Kindness!



Review KIND's website for a full listing of suggestions for Acts of Random Kindness.

Pay it Forward

Give the receiver of your KINDness your ARK Card and encourage them to do something KIND and pass it on.

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