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Acts of Random Kindness.


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13 Examples of: #ActsOfRandomKindness

  1. Run errands for the elderly. (pay bills, buy groceries, etc.)

  2. Donate at the Blood Bank for a stranger.

  3. Visit the sick at a hospital.

  4. Volunteer at your favourite charity.

  5. Adopt an animal from a shelter.

  6. Organize a clean up crew for a public area. (beach, etc.)

  7. Give supplies to a needy family. (school, groceries, etc.)

  8. Visit the jail or youth prison.

  9. Plant a tree in a public area.

  10. Visit a home for the elderly to clean, paint, etc.

  11. Visit an orphanage. (donate supplies, teach, etc.)

  12. Help any stranger in need.

  13. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!




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Acts of Random Kindness!



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On November 13th, 2018 - World Kindness Day - KIND launched a new and exciting "nation building initiative" called:

The Acts of Random Kindness (ARK).

We are to encourage children, teenagers and young adults - as well as all citizens in general - to engage in Acts of Random Kindness to complete strangers.

These Acts of Random Kindness should be shared on social media via Facebook and Instagram using our hashtag:

The aim of the ARK initiative is to:

  • Develop a widespread culture of sharing and giving.

  • Change the national conversation on social media use to get young people to use social media as an outlet for positive inspiration rather than the many negatives that pervade them presently.


We intend to  keep the excitement going by recognizing the most thoughtful / original posts on a regular basis. This will culminate with the nomination of a Kindness Ambassador who will be publicly recognized.

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KINDness Ambassador

KIND is on the hunt for the KINDest people across Trinidad and Tobago.

Each month, from November 2018 to November 2019, we will do a call for nominees across our social media platforms, as well as, media scouting for persons to nominate through written or video testimonial.

Every month, the ARK team will award one winner based on a set criteria.

At the end of the 12 month period, one KINDness Ambassador of the year will be announced.

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aRK Card

At KIND we envision a Trinidad & Tobago where everyone is KIND and everyone is involved in spreading KINDness. For World Kindness Day 2018, we pushed this philosophy into high gear as we launched the ARK CARD.

This card will support the search for our KINDness Ambassador and will be a physical tool that persons will use to Pay It Forward and encourage others to be KIND.

Students at the Success Laventille Secondary School will be the first cohort to receive these cards which will be activated as follows: