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Social Services

There are a wide variety of situations and circumstances that can lead individuals and families to require KIND's assistance.

With a background in Social Work, our Community Outreach and Social Services Unit  (COSSU) conducts in-depth interview assessments of each potential beneficiary.


We are dedicated to trying to understand the complexity of each case, in order to help to find the most appropriate way to meet our beneficiaries' needs.



Monthly distribution of hampers to individuals and families in need. Hamper recipients are all assessed by our COSSU and determined to be genuinely in need. 

These hampers include basic food and other grocery items. 

(The receipt of hampers is not meant to be a permanent arrangement; rather, hampers are given in the interim while beneficiaries work with the COSSU to find more sustainable long term solutions.)

Clothing & Supply Distributions

Distribution of clothing, books, furniture and other supplies are provided to us by the public from time to time. We work closely with community groups and volunteers to ensure that the distribution process is effective & that as many needy parties as possible are able to benefit from materials donated to KIND.

(Distribution of these items is subject to the availability of items.)

Sponsor a Child to Learn Program

Connecting families with our ‘Sponsor a Child To Learn” Campaign provides monthly donations from people and/or organisations to the KIND team. We input this money into many different aspects.

These donations are used to help provide essential resources such as; nutrition, school supplies and transport, where appropriate to specific needs.



It is often the case that people approach KIND seeking assistance that is beyond the scope of our expertise or capacity to address.

We provide information and facilitate linkages to external services, organisations and resources that they need to improve their relevant situations.

This often includes medical facilities, as well as, suggesting avenues to help obtain employment. 

If you feel like you could benefit from the Social Services offered by KIND, Contact Us today and speak to our Community Outreach & Social Services Officer.

We look forward to meeting with you and hopefully connecting you with appropriate resources for your situation!



A major tenet of Social Services is meeting clients where they are. KIND does this through Community Outreach; we go into communities and share information on our services and programs.

Attending Community Events

Engaging Schools & respective Parent Teacher Associations

Hosting our own Community Events

Engaging Community Stakeholders
(Groups, NGOs, etc)

KIND wants to be seen as a resource where families can build capacity and enhance their functioning no matter where they are located!

We look forward to continuing our impactful work as we

Empower Children and Transform Lives!

If you would like KIND to be part of your community event contact us.

KIND uses several avenues to connect with communities:

KIND's work has always been to ensure that all children and their families, especially those who are most at risk or in need can enjoy these rights to the fullest.

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