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In order to improve their various situations and to live happier lives, we believe that these aspects of their lives should be focused on:

All of KIND's programs seek to address one or more of the major areas of focus with which we feel our participants should engage in.

Happy Kids with Books

Literacy & Remedial Education

happy family

Discipline &

Behaviour Modification


Cultural Engagement & Appreciation

Kids in Art Class

Social Education -
Development of Skills, Abilities & Competencies

Teacher and Young Student

Mentorship, Appreciation of Diversity & the Fostering of Positive Attitudes

We work hard to develop & offer programming that is in line with our philosophy of holistic development.

  • Our programming is primarily geared towards youth ages 5-17. 

    • We also have programs that address key developmental areas for people ​outside of these age ranges; parents, guardians and other adults.

  • Our programs are meant to facilitate deep learning, a sense community, and cooperation between and among all participants. We also strive to include fun and engaging content into all of our program offerings. 

  • Check out our program offerings below!

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