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At KIND, we recognise the multi-faceted nature of the needs of those we seek to assist. As such, the KIND team encompasses individuals from diverse backgrounds, who have expertise in a broad spectrum of fields.


KIND is governed by a Board of Directors with executive membership made up professionals in the field of Social Work, Engineering, Economics, Finance and the Humanities. 

Karina Jardine-Scott, Chairperson

Karina Jardine-Scott is the founder of Kids in Need of Direction (KIND), and currently serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors. She is also an artist and interior designer. She owns and operates DK Designs Limited.

Daniel Scott, Director

Daniel Scott is a Co-founder of KIND, and has been a board member since its inception.  He has also been the Executive Chairman and CEO A P Scott Trinidad Ltd for over 30 years. He holds a BA major in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.



Mr. Ian Logie, Director

KIND member Ian Logie is the General Manager of AP Scott Trinidad Limited, a diverse distribution company. He has over 12 years of experience at a senior management level including a prior finance role in a major group of companies.

Gregory D. Farah, Director

In addition to being a Director at KIND, Mr. Farah owns and manages a suite of companies under the Farco Group Limited. He is also a Director of the Subcontractors Association of Trinidad & Tobago, as well as Crime Stoppers Trinidad & Tobago.

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Our staff, hired consultants and collaborators come from many other key areas such as Education, Medicine, Psychology, Accounting, International Development and the Visual and Performing Arts.

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