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 Back-to-School Drive

With students returning to physical classrooms in April 2022 after a two-year absence due to COVID-19, KIND will resume its Back-to-School Drive for the term starting September 5, 2022. This programme is designed to offer critical assistance to economically deprived students with items such as school uniforms, shoes, textbooks, book bags, stationery supplies etc., in order for them to return to the classroom well-prepared and confident to tackle the new school term.

Summer Camp


This 3–4-week Summer Camp will be executed in-person at KIND during the July – August period
for primary school students within our fence line community. This initiative incorporates many
aspects of a child’s life including literacy, numeracy, reading, spelling, and additional ones such as leadership, meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques that broaden the understanding of personal responsibility by one’s choice of actions. Students are taught a mix of remedial learning and revision, coupled with fun activities in a learning environment that hones the importance of kindness, and how one can be kind on a daily basis, no matter where or when or with/to whom. Classes are daily from 9 am - 3 pm Monday-Friday.


Wellness Series - ‘Me Time’

Being cognizant of the harsh impact the pandemic has had on the mental well-being of both adults and
children, KIND plunged into the production of Wellness videos, with the objective of sharing simple, constructive and practical methods on how to assist stressed individuals. These methods include breathing exercises and relaxation and meditation techniques. In partnership with eminent and reputable yoga              instructors as well as supporters of KIND, we were able to produce nine (9) easy-to- follow videos in the practice of ‘Me Time’ and can be found on KIND’s      YouTube channel 

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